10 Healthy Appetizers for a Joyful New Year's Eve

Olive-Stuffed Celery

A classic appetizer with stuffed celery, loved even by those who are not fans of the ingredients when separate

Tomato-Goat Cheese Spread

Easy to make, this spread is delicious with mildly seasoned crackers

9-Layer Greek Dip

A light and refreshing alternative to traditional taco dip, offering both health and flavor

Mini BLT Appetizers

Simple five-ingredient appetizers that are both delicious and easy to share

Spicy Edamame

Young soybeans that can be easily made at home, offering a healthy and tasty option

Broccoli & Chive Stuffed Mini Peppers

Crunchy and creamy, these appetizers are enhanced with fresh chives​

Shrimp & Cucumber Rounds

A snappy addition to any party, these are easy to prepare​

Walnut & Fig Goat Cheese Log

A simple spread with a hint of sweetness from honey, complementing the tangy goat cheese

Double-Nut Stuffed Figs

Nutritious and sweet, ideal for guests with dietary restrictions like diabetes​

Cucumber Party Sandwiches

Perfect for outdoor events, these sandwiches offer a fresh and light option