10 Questions You Can Expect in You UPSC Civil Services Interview

Explore 10 unique UPSC interview questions that test intelligence and quick thinking

Question - What is the difference between forest and jungle?

Answer - A forest refers to a large area of land covered with trees, plants, and various types of vegetation in a complex ecosystem that is found in both equational and tropical climatic zones. Jungle refers to an area of land covered with trees and dense, impenetrable vegetation.

Question - Which part of the body never grows from childhood to old age?

Answer - Eye

Question - What can you buy for Rs 10 that will fill the entire room?

You can buy incense sticks or candles for Rs 10. Their light and fragrance will fill the entire room.

Question - What is that thing which is bought for eating but is not eaten?

Answer - Plate

Question - Why do we drink water?

We drink water because we cannot eat or chew it.

Question - How can we write 23 using only 2?


Question - Which gold item is not available at the goldsmith’s place?

Answer - A Cot, it is used for sleeping and cannot be found at the goldsmith’s place.

Question - How can a man live without sleeping for 10 days?

Answer - You can complete your sleep at night by not sleeping during the day.

Question - What will be the opposite of Nag Panchami?

Answer - Naag Do Not Punch Me!

Question - 2 is called company and 3 is called crowd. What will be 4 and 5 in this way?

4 and 5 are always 9.