Kurt Cobain

revolutionized grunge fashion with his iconic jeans, flannel, and thrift store sweaters, embodying a disaffected cool that reshaped American male wardrobe​​.

Bob Marley

popularized casual military garb and Adidas sneakers among pacifist stoners, turning the M-65 jacket into a symbol of peace and brotherly love​​.


stood out for his crisp snapback caps and all-black streetwear, setting the stage for contemporary hip hop fashion trends​​.

Andre 3000

brought a retro-prep style to hip hop, mixing classic country club elements with a touch of flair, influencing artists like Pharrell and Kanye West​​.

The Beatles

are credited with popularizing the mop-top hairstyle along with collarless suits and psychedelic styles, leaving a lasting imprint on fashion​​.

Diana Ross

shone with big bling and elegance, pioneering a style of glamour filled with sparkle that continues to inspire​​.


early '80s look of religious iconography and lace gloves became her most mimicked fashion statement, showcasing her ability to set trends with each transformation​​.

Elvis Costello

made a mark with his distinctive combination of blazers, skinny jeans, and large glasses, preceding the modern "hipster" style​​.

Stevie Nicks

embodied gothic romance with her flowing chiffon, lace, velvet, and platform boots, becoming the siren of the seventies​​.

Joan Jett's

adoption of leather as her signature material influenced the punk rock scene and beyond, demonstrating the power of leather to signal rebellion and strength​​.