8 Valuable US Coins Still in Circulation!

Silver Dimes

These old dimes can be found in circulation and are worth at least 15 times their face value, which equates to around $1.50 each.

Silver Quarters

Similar to silver dimes, these quarters can also be found in your pocket change and are valued at least 15 times their face value, approximately $3.75 or more apiece.

Silver Half Dollars (1970 and earlier)

These half dollars are valuable for their silver content and are worth at least 5 times face value, about $2.75 each. Most are valued much higher.

Silver Dollars

Including Morgan dollars, Peace dollars, and Eisenhower dollars, these coins are worth at least 15 times face value, approximately $15 each.

Gobrecht Dollar (1838)

This series features a unique design and is highly valued, with a PR 65 grade coin sold for $149,500.

1876-CC Trade Silver Dollar Business Strike

From the Carson City mint, this coin is valued for its rarity and historical significance, selling for $63,800.

1849 No L Liberty Head Gold Dollar

This coin, originating from the Philadelphia mint, fetched a price of $69,000.

1855 Small Indian Head / Indian Princess Gold Dollar

Another valuable coin from the Philadelphia mint, this one sold for $180,000.