2023 Gastroenterologist Salaries in the US: A Comprehensive Overview

Average National Salary

In the U.S., gastroenterologists earn an average salary that reflects their specialized medical training and expertise in digestive health.

Regional Variations

Salaries for gastroenterologists vary significantly across different regions in the U.S., influenced by local demand and cost of living.

Experience Impact

Salary levels for gastroenterologists increase with experience, recognizing the value of years in practice and accumulated expertise.

Comparison with Other Specialties

Gastroenterologists' earnings are competitive when compared to other medical specialties, reflecting the complexity of their field.

Impact of Board Certification

Board-certified gastroenterologists often command higher salaries, as certification denotes a higher standard of expertise.

Influence of Practice Setting

Gastroenterologists working in different settings, such as hospitals or private practices, see varying salary scales due to differing operational demands.

Effect of Subspecialization

Subspecialties within gastroenterology, like hepatology, can influence salary, with some subspecialties commanding higher earnings.

Gender Wage Gap

The gastroenterology field, like many others in medicine, is examining and addressing gender-based salary disparities.

Impact of Healthcare Policies

Changes in healthcare policies and insurance reimbursements in the U.S. can significantly impact gastroenterologists' earnings.

Future Salary Trends

Anticipated developments in digestive health and technology advancements may influence future salary trends for gastroenterologists.