8 Rare Pennies Worth Money in Circulation

1995 Doubled-die Obverse

This penny is known for its distinct doubling on the obverse side, particularly noticeable on the date and lettering.

1999 Wide AM

Special for the extra space between "A" and "M" in "AMERICA" on the reverse, different from typical Lincoln cents since 1994.

1926-S Lincoln Cent

Rare in uncirculated condition, these pennies are highly valuable, especially if they retain their original copper-red color.

1969-S Lincoln Cent - Doubled Die Obverse

An error coin with a doubled die on the obverse; very rare and valuable, particularly in uncirculated condition.

1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent

Valued for its limited production due to the removal of the designer's initials; one of the first pennies with Abraham Lincoln's portrait.

1982-D Small Date copper penny

Rare and potentially worth around $19,000; distinguishable by its small date design compared to the common large date.

1943 Bronze Lincoln Penny

Mistakenly made of bronze instead of steel, these pennies are extremely rare and can fetch a high value.

1944 Steel Lincoln Penny

Similar to the 1943 bronze penny, these steel pennies were minted in error and are highly prized by collectors.