9 Most Difficult Courses to Study Across the World

Aerospace Engineering​

While Aerospace Engineering is rewarding, it is one of the most difficult degrees. One needs to be skilled in various fields of mathematics such as calculus, trigonometry, algebra. Once also needs design and writing skills.


There is more to Architecture than drawing! Apart from dealing with interiors and exteriors, architecture also required knowledge of the environment. While architecture jobs are in abundance, the journey to becoming an architect is difficult.


Pharmacy is also considered to be one of the hardest courses to study because of the structure and hard work required.


Students who wish to pursue statistics as a career need to be good at logic, reasoning, math and have a good memory. Stats involves a lot of calculation, analytical skills, reasoning and much more.


Medical Sciences are considered to be one of the toughest courses students can take. Once in MBBS or BDS, the course material, internships and other parts of the syllabus are extremely complex. Most importantly, students cannot skip anything while learning in med school.


Law careers require a lot of patience, an understanding of ethics, high perceptive skills and a strong sense of individuality.


The human mind is a complex thing and so is the study of it. Psychology may sound like an easy subject, but it is the exact opposite. From medical sciences to humanities, students will need to sharp in all aspects while studying the subject.


While journalism seems like a cakewalk, it is not. Journalists need to be extremely strong headed to not let their personal bias impact the stories being covered. More importantly, any practicing journalism need to be alert at all times for fact checking, breaking news and other purposes. Hence, journalism is also considered one of the toughest courses to study in the world.

​​Chartered Accountancy​

While becoming a CA is considered to be safe career option. The journey towards becoming a CA is very demanding and requires a lot of dedication.

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