A Brief Overview of G20: Milestones and Summits

Formation (1999)

Established to unite major economies and stabilize the global financial market, initially involving Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors.

First Leaders' Summit (2008)

Transitioned to a Leaders' level meeting, focusing on addressing the global financial crisis, first convened in Washington D.C.

London Summit (2009)

Members pledged $1.1 trillion to international financial organizations, aiming to mitigate the effects of the economic downturn.

Seoul Summit (2010)

Focused on the development of a framework for strong, sustainable, and balanced global growth, introducing the Seoul Development Consensus.

Cannes Summit (2011)

Addressed the European sovereign debt crisis and discussed measures to foster global economic stability.

Brisbane Summit (2014)

Leaders committed to increasing their collective GDP by more than 2% above the then-current trajectory by 2018.

Antalya Summit (2015)

Emphasized on inclusive growth and employment, addressing issues like terrorism and the refugee crisis.

Hangzhou Summit (2016)

Promoted innovative growth models and digital economy, fostering global economic collaboration.

Buenos Aires Summit (2018)

Discussed infrastructure development, the future of work, and sustainable food future, emphasizing on multilateral trade.

Riyadh Summit (2020)

First virtual summit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on coordinating global efforts to recover from the crisis.