A Collection of Ed Sheeran's Most Heartfelt Ballads

"Small Bump"

A touching song about the loss of an unborn child, demonstrating Ed Sheeran's ability to convey deep emotions through his music.

"Afire Love"

This song showcases Ed Sheeran's emotional storytelling, detailing the struggle and decline of his grandfather suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

"Supermarket Flowers"

A poignant ballad reflecting on the passing of a loved one, filled with bittersweet lyrics and heartfelt vocals.


This track highlights the feelings of heartache and longing following a relationship's end, with Sheeran's raspy vocals emphasizing the pain.

"Save Myself"

A sad ballad delving into self-preservation and the importance of prioritizing one's own well-being in relationships.

"Shape of You"

One of Sheeran's most popular songs, known for its appealing tune and deeply emotional lyrics.

"Castle on the Hill"

A song that resonates with the sentimentality of youth, dedicated to Sheeran’s birthplace and childhood memories.

"The A Team"

A lasting representative of Sheeran’s early work, this song deals with themes of hardship and addiction.

"Give Me Love"

Known for its intense emotional impact, this track is a standout for its powerful melody and deep emotional resonance.

"Beautiful People"

This song captivates listeners with its charming tune and significant chorus, evoking intensely sad and reflective thoughts.