AIIMS Bhubaneswar Non-Teaching Recruitment 2023: Shocking Expected Cut-off Marks and Merit List Revealed!

Cut-off Marks:

The expected cut-off marks indicate the minimum qualifying score required to be considered for further stages of the selection process.

Merit List:

The merit list comprises the names of candidates ranked based on their performance in the recruitment exam, with the highest scorers at the top.

Previous Year Trends:

Analyze the previous year's cut-off marks and merit list to understand the competitiveness and expected benchmark for the current year.

Difficulty Level of Exam:

Consider the difficulty level of the exam while predicting the expected cut-off marks, as it influences the overall performance of candidates.

Reservation Policy:

The merit list may be prepared separately for different categories based on the reservation policy, reflecting the respective cut-off marks.

Number of Vacancies:

The number of vacancies available and the total number of candidates appearing for the exam can impact the cut-off marks.

Candidate Performance:

Evaluate your own performance in the exam, comparing it to the expected cut-off marks to gauge your chances of selection.

Overall Competition:

Consider the level of competition among candidates to assess the expected cut-off marks and determine your standing.

Factors Influencing Merit List:

Various factors like normalization techniques, tie-breaking criteria, and document verification may impact the final merit list.

Official Notification:

Refer to the official recruitment notification for the most accurate information on expected cut-off marks and the preparation of the merit list.

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