Answers to The 10 Most Common Queries Related to SSC CGL Exam

Does SSC CGL have a physical test?

Yes, physical tests are required for certain posts like Inspector, Sub-Inspector, and positions in the Border Roads Organization.

Is SSC CGL difficult to crack?

The difficulty of SSC CGL varies from person to person, but it is generally considered to be one of the most competitive exams in India.

Is SSC CGL easier than UPSC?

It is not appropriate to compare the two as they serve different purposes, but UPSC is generally considered to be more difficult due to its vast syllabus and intense competition.

Is SSC CGL exam online or offline?

The SSC CGL exam is conducted online, consisting of four tiers, two of which are computer-based, one is pen and paper-based, and one is a computer proficiency or data entry skill test.

Is SSC CGL good for females?

Yes, SSC CGL is suitable for females as it offers a stable and secure government job with good career growth opportunities.

Is SSC CGL a government job?

Yes, SSC CGL is a government job, as it involves recruitment for various posts in different ministries, departments, and organizations of the Government of India.

Does SSC CGL officer get a car?

SSC CGL officers are not provided with a car by the government, but certain posts may have travel allowances or other travel-related perks.

Does SSC CGL officer get a house?

SSC CGL officers are entitled to house rent allowance (HRA) if government accommodation is not provided, and the rate of HRA varies based on the city of posting.

Is SSC CGL job transferable?

Yes, SSC CGL jobs are transferable, but the transfer policy can vary based on the department and the post.

Is SSC CGL job stressful?

The stress level in SSC CGL jobs can vary based on the post and the department, with some posts involving desk work and regular office hours, while others may involve field work or irregular hours.