Ariana DeBose's Candid Take on Critics Choice Awards Joke: Talent and Tension

The Disrespectful Joke

At the Critics Choice Awards, Ariana DeBose was targeted in a joke that many found disrespectful, with a presenter including her in a list of actors who "think they're singers"​​​​.

DeBose's Impressive Background

Ariana DeBose is an acclaimed artist, an Oscar winner, a Tony nominee, and a former Broadway star, notably in "Hamilton" and other major productions​​.

Public Reaction

Fans and observers expressed dismay on social media, highlighting DeBose's extensive musical background and questioning the appropriateness of the joke​​.

DeBose's Own Response

DeBose reacted to the joke on her Instagram story, clearly stating that she did not find the joke funny​​.

Broadway Credentials

DeBose's credentials include Broadway roles and an Oscar win for her role as Anita in Steven Spielberg's adaptation of "West Side Story"​​.

Joke Context

The joke was made during a segment at the awards show by presenters Bella Ramsey and Anthony Ramos​​.

Nomination at the Awards

DeBose was at the Critics Choice Awards for her role in the Disney animated film "Wish", which had nominations including Best Song​​.

Previous Viral Moment

DeBose had previously gone viral for her performance at the 76th BAFTAs where she rapped about female nominees​​.

Social Media Reaction

The incident led to a variety of responses on social media, with some users creating memes and discussing the incident extensively​​.

DeBose's Career Highlights

Ariana DeBose's career includes significant achievements in theater, film, and music, underscoring the inaccuracy and perceived insensitivity of the joke​​.