Best Time Management Tips for Success

Effective time management is seriously important for achieving success in life.

Here I'll tell you the best practices by which you can manage your time effectively.

Your goals should be clear

Break your goal into smaller ones like daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Prioritize Task:

First you have to identify which are the crucial task to complete first and dedicate less time to unimportant task

Set Time Limit:

Before starting any work set 1 time limit to complete that task and complete it within set time.

Avoid Multitasking:

Often multitasking lead to improper work and errors, so try to do one task at a time and then only after completing move to the next one.

Learn to say NO:

Don't always be available to people, get into the habit of saying no to less important work.


Delegate such tasks to others in which you are not directly involved, and then make a team of people to work for you.

Health is Wealth:

Taking care of your health is must necessary, such as getting enough sleep, working out frequently, and eating healthily

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