Bullet-Proofing Your UPSC Exam Preparation: Expert Note-Making Tips

Learn from a successful candidate about making bullet point notes, using digital platforms, incorporating current affairs, and more to optimize your note-taking process and achieve success in the UPSC exam.

Read textbooks and make jotting in bullet points for important information.

Use digital mode for note-making to allow for easy updates and no loss of information.

Use loose sheets instead of registers to easily add pages and update notes.

Keep notes short and to the point for easy revision before exams.

Use current affairs as a part of note-making and combine them with exam answers.

Make flowcharts or hierarchy charts for easier memorization of information.

Update notes regularly to keep up-to-date with the latest information.

Divide note-making tasks with friends to save time and effort.

Make template answers for possible questions to save time during the exam.

Come up with new strategies suitable for personal convenience.