Capitol Controversy: The Escalating House Ethics Probe into Matt Gaetz

Renewed Focus on Gaetz

The House Ethics Committee has intensified its investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz, contacting several new witnesses with ties to the initial Justice Department probe.

Sex Trafficking Allegations

The probe is zeroing in on allegations of sex trafficking against Gaetz, including claims that he paid to have sex with a minor.

Extended Investigations

Gaetz has been under various forms of ethics investigations for most of his seven-year tenure in Congress, though he claims never to have violated any ethical laws.

Justice Department's Previous Probe

The DOJ's prior investigation into Gaetz, which concluded without charges in 2023, is a significant element in the current Ethics Committee's inquiry.

Potential Lobbying Violations

The probe is also looking into possible lobbying violations by Gaetz.

Gaetz's Response

Gaetz has criticized the Ethics Committee's actions as an attempt to weaponize the process against him, asserting his innocence and highlighting his previous clearance by the DOJ and FBI.

Joel Greenberg Connection

The attorney for Joel Greenberg, a former associate of Gaetz who was convicted of multiple federal charges including sex trafficking, has been approached by the Ethics Committee.

Committee's Investigative Scope

The Ethics Committee is conducting interviews and seeking records from the DOJ related to Gaetz, though the full extent of the investigation remains unclear.

Committee's Approach Post-Santos Probe

Following the conclusion of the probe into Rep. George Santos, the Ethics Committee has refocused its efforts on the Gaetz investigation.

Ongoing Process

The House Ethics probe is currently being conducted at the staff level and might escalate depending on the findings of the ongoing investigation.