Coins Among the Stars: Celebrating Space Exploration Through U.S. Mint's Iconic Coinage

Sacagawea Golden Dollar (1999)

The first U.S. coin to officially leave Earth’s atmosphere, marking a significant milestone in coinage and space exploration history​​.

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coins (2019)

These coins were carried to the International Space Station, featuring designs that celebrate the first manned Moon landing in 1969​​​​.

Maryland and Florida State Quarters

Sent aboard NASA's New Horizons spacecraft as spin balance weights, these quarters honor the states involved in designing and launching the spacecraft​​.

2019 Native American $1 Coin

This coin program honors American Indians in the space program, including Mary Golda Ross, the first known Native American female engineer​​.

Apollo 11 Commemorative Program

Offers a curved $5 gold coin, a curved $1 silver coin, a curved half-dollar clad coin, and a curved 5 ounce $1 silver proof coin to mark the Apollo 11 moon landing​​.

Gemini and Apollo Space Programs Coins

Coin programs that commemorate the achievements of the Gemini and Apollo space missions, significant steps in the U.S. space exploration history​​.

American Innovation $1 Coin Program

Although not exclusively space-themed, this program includes coins that celebrate American ingenuity and could feature space exploration themes in future releases​​.

American Eagle Coins

These coins, while primarily known for their investment and collector value, symbolize American freedom and achievement, indirectly associating with the spirit of space exploration​​.

American Women Quarters Program

Future releases from this program could potentially honor women who have significantly contributed to space exploration, given its aim to celebrate a wide array of American women's achievements​​.

State Quarters Program

Some of the state quarters feature designs that celebrate states' contributions to space exploration, such as Ohio's quarter, which honors the Wright brothers and astronaut John Glenn​​.