Coins of Fortune: The Top 10 U.S. and International Coins Known for Bringing Luck

Walking Liberty Half Dollars

Admired for their beauty, featuring Miss Liberty and an eagle, symbolizing hope and regarded as a token of good luck​​.

Buffalo Nickels

Representing Americana with a Native American and a bison, these coins are cherished for their unique carvings and considered lucky​​.

Leap Year Mercury Dimes

Favored by gamblers and used in hoodoo for luck, especially those minted in leap years​​.

Silver Sixpence (Great Britain)

Though British, these coins are popular in the U.S. for their tradition of bringing luck to brides on their wedding day​​.

Five-Yen Coin (Japan)

Japanese five-yen coins are believed to bring good luck with money and strengthen friendships​​.

Feng Shui Coins (China)

Chinese coins with square holes, believed to connect heaven and earth, are considered lucky in Feng Shui​​.

Silver Dollars (U.S.)

Peace Dollars and Morgan Dollars are deemed lucky by many for their substantial silver content​​.

Irish Sixpence

Although not American, this coin is considered lucky in the U.S., especially among those of Irish heritage or during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations​​.

Lucky Loonie (Canada)

Canadian "Lucky Loonie" dollar coins are carried for luck, especially by athletes for sporting success​​.

Liberia $10 Lucky Commemorative

This coin features seven different lucky icons, including a four-leaf clover and horseshoe, symbolizing good fortune​​.