Cracking Bank Exams: A Comprehensive Guide to Home Preparation

Study plan

Prepare a comprehensive study plan based on the syllabus, focusing on your strengths and weaknesses.

Attempt mock tests

Take sectional, chapter-wise, and topic-wise mock tests to get acquainted with question patterns and assess your performance.

Solve previous year question papers and practice sets to understand the exam's standard and identify important topics.

Divide your preparation in a topic-wise manner for all sections.

Prepare for the interview round by practicing common interview questions and improving your interpersonal and communication skills.

Make use of reliable online resources such as expert books, practice sets, and question banks to enhance your self-learning.

Customize your preparation strategy based on your preferences and requirements.

Enhance your calculation speed by practicing mental calculations and using shortcuts.

Stay abreast of current events, banking news, and financial awareness.

Stay motivated and dedicated to your study plan to achieve success in bank exams.