Dakar Rally Tragedy: Carles Falcón's Final Ride at 45

Tragic Accident

Carles Falcón, a Spanish motorbike rider, died at the age of 45 due to injuries sustained in a crash during the Dakar Rally​​.

Crash Details

The crash occurred on the second stage of the rally, from Al Henakiyah to Al Duwadimi, after Falcón had covered 448 km​​.

Immediate Response

After his fall, Falcón was airlifted to a hospital in Al Duwadimi and then transferred to Riyadh, followed by repatriation to Spain​​.

Medical Condition

Falcón had been in an induced coma with severe injuries and eventually succumbed due to irreversible neurological damage caused by a cardiorespiratory arrest at the time of the accident​​​​.

Personal Background

Carles Falcón was not only a motorbike rider but also a computer engineer, motorcycle instructor, and tour guide, known for his passion and active lifestyle​​.

Dakar Rally History

This was Falcón's second participation in the Dakar Rally, previously competing in 2022 where he finished 68th overall​​.

Category of Competition

He was competing in the 'Original by Motul' class (formerly known as 'Malle Moto'), which is for riders without a support team to repair their bikes​​.

Rally's Fatality Record

Falcón became the 33rd racer to die in the history of the Dakar Rally and the first since 2022. The rally has been historically notorious for its dangers​​.

Racing Dream

According to his team, Falcón died doing something he dreamed of – participating in the Dakar Rally. He was remembered for his joyful and passionate approach to life and motorbiking​​.

Request for Privacy

His family and team requested privacy for the farewell ceremonies, emphasizing the impact he had on those close to him through his teachings and joyful nature​​.