Decade of Excellence: Spotlight on UPSC Toppers from 2013 to 2021

Gaurav Agrawal (2013)

An IIT and IIM graduate, Gaurav topped the UPSC exam in his second attempt and chose the Indian Administrative Service (IAS).

Ira Singhal (2014)

The first differently-abled woman to top the UPSC exam, Ira became an inspiration for many. She chose to join the IAS.

Tina Dabi (2015)

At just 22 years old, Tina Dabi topped the UPSC exam in her first attempt. She later became a youth icon and is active on social media.

Nandini K R (2016)

An engineer by training, Nandini topped the UPSC exam on her fourth attempt and opted for the IAS.

Anudeep Durishetty (2017)

An IRS officer, Anudeep topped the UPSC exam in his fifth attempt and chose the IAS.

Kanishak Kataria (2018)

A B.Tech from IIT Bombay, Kanishak was a software engineer before he topped the UPSC exam. He also openly credited his girlfriend for his success.

Pradeep Singh (2019)

Coming from a farmer's family, Pradeep Singh topped the UPSC exam and opted for the IAS, inspiring many from rural backgrounds.

Shubham Kumar (2020)

An IIT Bombay graduate, Shubham topped the UPSC exam in his third attempt and chose the IAS.

Shruti Sharma (2021)

Shruti Sharma secured the All India Rank 1 in UPSC 2021 with 1105 marks out of 2025, achieving a score of 54.56%. She has become an inspiration for many aspiring candidates.