Decoding Myths: The Top 10 Misconceptions Unraveled in Coin Collecting

Old Coins are Always Valuable

Age alone doesn't guarantee value. Many ancient coins are common and not particularly valuable due to their large numbers​​.

Mint Condition Means Perfect

"Mint condition" varies and doesn't always mean a coin is flawless. Even coins straight from the Mint can have imperfections​​.

Cleaning Improves Coin Value

Cleaning usually damages a coin's surface and can significantly reduce its value. Collectors prefer coins with original patina​​.

Grading Is Always Consistent

Coin grading is subjective and can vary between services or even over time, challenging the notion of a universal standard​​.

Slabbed Coins are Always Authentic

While slabbing (encapsulation by a grading service) adds a layer of authenticity, it's not foolproof. Counterfeits can still slip through​​.

All Coins in a Grade Are Equal

Grading includes a spectrum within grades. Services like PCGS and NGC use "plus" grading to indicate high-end coins within a specific grade​​.

Population Reports Are Accurate

These reports can be misleading due to resubmissions of the same coin, aiming for a higher grade, thus inflating perceived availability​​.

Slabbing Guarantees Fixed Grading Standards

Despite efforts, grading standards have evolved over time, and there's no absolute consistency in the grading process​​.

Slabbed Coins Protect Against Market Volatility

Certification doesn't shield investors from market fluctuations; the value of slabbed coins can still be highly volatile​​.

Coins Don't Deteriorate in Slabs

Even encapsulated, coins can deteriorate, especially those made from susceptible materials like copper, due to environmental factors​​.