Dexter King: A Legacy Unforgotten - The Final Chapter of a Civil Rights Stalwart

Passing Away

Dexter Scott King, the younger son of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., passed away on Monday, January 22

Cause of Death

He died at the age of 62 due to prostate cancer.

Place of Death

He died peacefully in his sleep at his home in Malibu.

Family Reaction

His wife, Leah Weber King, confirmed his death and mentioned his brave battle with the disease.

Legacy Preservation

Dexter dedicated himself to safeguarding the intellectual property of the King family.

Role in King Center

He worked as chairman of The King Center and president of the King Estate.

Sibling's Response

His brother, Martin Luther King III, expressed deep sadness and asked for prayers for the entire King family.

Public Figure

Beyond his role as a prominent figure in civil rights, he played a crucial role in preserving and managing the invaluable legacy left by his parents.

Personal Life

Dexter King was married to Leah Weber King since 2013.


His family and the King Center confirmed his death and paid tribute to his efforts in continuing his father's legacy.