Emma Stone's Enchanting Westwood Retreat: A $4 Million Blend of Historic Charm and Modern Luxury

Celebrity Real Estate Move

Emma Stone, the Golden Globe-winning actress, has listed her Los Angeles bungalow for sale at nearly $4 million​​​​.

Spanish-Style Residence

Located in the Comstock Hills area of Westwood, Los Angeles, the property is a charming Spanish-style bungalow​​​​.

Historical Charm

Built in the 1920s, the house maintains many original features, adding a sense of historical charm to its architecture​​​​.

Luxurious Interiors

The bungalow features four bedrooms and four bathrooms, spread over more than 297 square meters, each adorned with vibrant colors and stylish designs​​.

Recent Renovations

Stone has carried out extensive renovations, including expanding the kitchen and adding a one-bedroom guesthouse complete with its own kitchen and living room​​.

Unique Design Elements

The property boasts unique design elements like a light-green tiled ceiling, arched doorways, and a vintage clawfoot soaking tub​​.

Guest House Addition

The property also includes a fully-equipped guest house, providing a comfortable and private space for visitors​​.

Strategic Location

The mansion's prime location in Westwood, Los Angeles, is expected to attract significant interest from potential buyers​​.

Real Estate Ventures

This sale is part of Stone's real estate movements, as she continues to maintain residences in New York City and Austin, Texas​​.

Transition from California

The sale signifies Emma Stone's gradual relocation from California to Austin, where she and her husband own a mansion​​.