From Gridiron to Ring: The Inside Story of Tim Tebow's Near-Showdown at WWE WrestleMania

Initial Proposal for Wrestling

Tim Tebow was considered for a WWE career after being cut from the New England Patriots in 2013, proposed by Paul "Triple H" Levesque (Source: Post Wrestling​​).

Potential Match-Up

The proposed match at WWE WrestleMania 30 was between Tim Tebow and Paul Wight, known as The Big Show (Source: On3​​, Post Wrestling​​).

Secret Meeting in Anaheim

A top-secret meeting was held in Anaheim, California, involving Tim Tebow, WWE President Nick Khan, Vince McMahon, and Triple H to discuss this opportunity (Source: ClutchPoints​​, Sportskeeda​​).

Financial Considerations Discussed

Specific financial terms were offered to Tebow for his participation in the event (Source: On3​​).

Nick Khan's Role

WWE President Nick Khan, who was Tebow's agent at the time, played a crucial role in facilitating this potential transition (Source: ClutchPoints​​).

Tebow's Athletic Background

Standing at 6-foot-3, Tebow's athleticism was considered a good match against The Big Show's size and strength (Source: Sportskeeda​​).

Plan Didn't Materialize

Despite the discussions and planning, the match between Tebow and The Big Show at WrestleMania ultimately did not happen (Source: ClutchPoints​​, Sportskeeda​​).

Continued Relationship

Even though the match did not occur, Nick Khan and Triple H remained in contact, which later influenced Khan's career trajectory (Source: ClutchPoints​​).

Tebow's Career Path

After the WWE opportunity did not materialize, Tim Tebow pursued minor league baseball and remained a college football analyst for ESPN (Source: On3​​).

Legacy of Athletes in WWE

The WWE has a history of bringing athletes from other sports, with the likes of Rob Gronkowski and Pat McAfee having participated in WrestleMania events (Source: Sportskeeda​​).