From PCS Officer to Mrs. India 2019: The Inspiring Journey of Ritu Suhas

Humble Beginnings

Ritu Suhas was born on April 16, 1976, in Lucknow. She comes from a modest background with her father working as a lawyer and her mother being a homemaker. Financial constraints during her student years posed educational challenges for her.

Family Resistance

When Ritu decided to prepare for a government job in 2003, she faced resistance from her relatives who were against her pursuing a career. However, her parents supported her decision.

Self-Study and Financial Struggles

Due to financial constraints, Ritu couldn't afford coaching fees for the UP PCS civil service exam. She maintained a rigorous self-study routine and even provided tuition to local children to make ends meet.

Career in Civil Service

Ritu is a dedicated PCS officer in the Uttar Pradesh government, known for her diligent efforts in administration.

Mrs. India 2019

Apart from her achievements in the civil service, Ritu also won the Mrs. India competition in 2019.

Family Life and Support

Ritu is married to Suhas LY, an IAS officer and international para-badminton player. They have two children. Suhas LY has also had a remarkable career and won a silver medal at the Tokyo Paralympics.