Get Exam-Ready with the Latest May 2023 Current Affairs: Part 2

Current Affairs plays a vital role in all government examinations. To secure your selection with a vast margin, one needs to prepare this section in a holistic way.

What percentage of farmers are small farmers in India, as of 2023? Answer: 85 %

Which is the regulatory authority for civil aviation security in India? Answer: BCAS

From which year, the ‘IFRS 17’ financial reporting standard became effective? Answer: 2023

‘Berenice Troglodytica’, which was seen in the news, is located in which country? Answer: Egypt

Which Union Ministry is associated with ‘NM-ICPS Mission’? Answer: Ministry of Science & Technology

What is the expansion of SAF, which was seen in the news? Answer: Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Which asteroid produces the annual Geminid meteor shower? Answer: Asteroid Phaethon

Anji Bridge, which was seen in the news, is being built in which state/UT? Answer: Jammu and Kashmir

‘Dimasa National Liberation Army’ is associated with which state? Answer: Assam