Ignite Your Wings: The Incredible Secrets Revealed - How to Become an Indian Pilot After Class 12th!

Educational Requirements:

Obtain a Class 12th qualification with Physics, Mathematics, and English as mandatory subjects.

Choose a Flying School:

Select a DGCA-approved flying school in India to pursue your pilot training.

Class 1 Medical Examination:

Undergo a thorough medical examination by a DGCA-approved doctor to obtain a Class 1 Medical Certificate.

Private Pilot License (PPL):

Enroll in a flying school to complete the PPL course, which includes flight training and theory exams.

Instrument Rating:

Acquire an Instrument Rating (IR) by completing additional flight training and exams.

Commercial Pilot License (CPL):

After obtaining a PPL and IR, pursue CPL training that includes flight hours, theory exams, and a flight skill test.

Multi-Engine Rating:

Obtain a Multi-Engine Rating (MER) by completing training on multi-engine aircraft.

Build Flight Hours:

Accumulate the required flight hours, typically 200-250 hours, through various flying assignments or by working as a flight instructor.

Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL):

Obtain an ATPL by completing additional flight hours, passing exams, and meeting specific criteria.

Join an Airline:

Apply for pilot positions in airlines or other aviation organizations, undergo selection processes, and start your career as a pilot in India.