Indian Railways TTE Recruitment: Career Path and Responsibilities Unveiled

Role Overview:

Understand the vital role of a TTE in passenger ticket verification and assistance.

Eligibility Criteria:

Check the required qualifications and age limits for TTE recruitment.

Selection Process:

Know the stages, such as written exams and interviews, for TTE selection.

Training Period:

Learn about the training duration and curriculum for newly recruited TTEs.

Ticket Checking:

Master the responsibilities of ticket checking, fare collection, and issuing receipts.

Passenger Assistance:

Discover how TTEs assist passengers and resolve their queries during travel.

Safety Compliance:

Understand the crucial role of TTEs in ensuring passenger safety and security.

Record Maintenance:

Learn about maintaining records of ticket checking and passenger interactions.

Career Growth:

Explore opportunities for career advancement and promotions within the railways.

Dedication and Integrity:

Emphasize the importance of dedication and integrity in the role of a TTE.

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