Inside CGPDTM: Exploring Job Profile and Work Environment

Job Profile:

Understand the specific roles and responsibilities associated with different positions in CGPDTM.

Intellectual Property Management:

Engage in tasks related to patent, design, and trademark registration, examination, and administration.

Legal Framework:

Work within the legal framework of intellectual property laws, ensuring compliance and facilitating legal processes.

Research and Analysis:

Conduct research and analysis to assess the novelty, inventiveness, and registrability of intellectual property.

Administrative Duties:

Handle administrative tasks such as record maintenance, documentation, and correspondence management.


Collaborate with colleagues, stakeholders, and external organizations in the intellectual property domain.

Professional Development:

Avail training and development opportunities to enhance knowledge and stay updated with evolving practices.

Work Environment:

Experience a professional work environment that fosters teamwork, learning, and innovation.

Technological Tools:

Utilize specialized software and technological tools for efficient intellectual property management.

Job Satisfaction:

Experience job satisfaction through contributing to the protection and management of intellectual property rights.

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