Jesy Nelson's Most Powerful Solo Performances

Debut Performance of "Boyz"

Jesy Nelson's debut solo performance of her single "Boyz" was on "The Graham Norton Show" on October 29, 2021, marking a significant step in her solo career.

Jingle Bell Ball 2021

At the Jingle Bell Ball in December 2021, Nelson performed "Boyz" again, showcasing her solo capabilities post-Little Mix.

Collaboration with Nicki Minaj

For "Boyz," Nelson collaborated with Nicki Minaj, bringing a blend of '90s and early 2000s hip-hop/R&B style to her performance, different from her previous pop style.

Creative Process Revelation

Nelson shared insights into her creative process for her solo music on social media, indicating a deep personal connection to her new work.

Emotional Well-being Focus

Nelson's decision to pursue a solo career was partly due to prioritizing her mental health, which is reflected in the authenticity of her solo performances.

First Solo Music Tease

In February 2021, Nelson hinted at her solo music endeavors with posts from music studios, exciting fans about her new direction.

Signing with Polydor Records

After leaving Little Mix, Nelson signed a deal with British label Polydor Records in May 2021, setting the stage for her solo career.

Award-Winning Documentary Influence

Her award-winning documentary "Odd One Out," which focuses on bullying and mental health, has significantly influenced her solo music and performances.

Response to Blackfishing Accusations

Nelson addressed accusations of blackfishing related to the "Boyz" video, explaining her intention to celebrate '90s R&B music and asserting her respect for cultural sensitivities.

Expectations for New Musical Style

Fans and critics alike have been anticipating a shift in Nelson's musical style, expecting a blend of R&B and ballads in her upcoming solo work.