Joaquin Phoenix's Journey to His Iconic Role Joker

Intense Role Immersion

Phoenix was deeply absorbed in his role, with the character staying with him for hours after work, limiting his social interactions primarily to director Todd Phillips​​.

Dramatic Weight Loss

He lost over 50 pounds through a stringent diet of steamed green beans, apples, and lettuce, a process he found brutal and mentally challenging​​​​.

Mental Health Impact

The rapid weight loss had a significant effect on Phoenix's mental state, which he used to inform his acting, despite the psychological difficulties it presented​​.

Study of Pathological Laughter

Phoenix studied pathological laughter to authentically portray Arthur Fleck, adding depth to his character​​.

Exploration of Ambiguity

He found the character's ambiguity fascinating, constantly discovering new aspects of Arthur Fleck and the Joker, leading to a dynamic portrayal​​.

Physicality in Performance

Beyond weight loss, Phoenix committed to physically demanding scenes, including stunt work like running through streets and a car collision scene​​.

Long-held Interest in Comic Characters

Phoenix had expressed interest in a deep, character-study type role for a comic book character years before the Joker project​​.

Professional Health Support

His transformation was supported by a team of professionals, including personal trainers and nutritionists, ensuring health and safety throughout the process​​.

Influence of 70s Cinema

Phoenix drew inspiration from 70s films like "Taxi Driver" and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," reflecting the era's influence on the film's tone​​.

Contribution to Fitness Trends in Hollywood

His dedicated approach to fitness for the role aligns with the industry's shift towards holistic and sustainable fitness practices​​.