Jon Stewart's Electrifying Comeback: Steering 'The Daily Show' Through the 2024 Election Turmoil

Return Announcement

Jon Stewart is set to return to "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central, hosting every Monday during the 2024 election cycle, starting February 12​

Rotating Lineup

While Stewart hosts Mondays, a rotating lineup of "Daily Show" news team members will take on the hosting duties from Tuesday to Thursday​​.

Executive Producer Role

Stewart will not only host but also executive produce the series alongside his longtime manager, James Dixon, and showrunner Jen Flanz​​.

Continued Involvement

Beyond hosting, Stewart is expected to executive produce all "Daily Show" episodes in 2025 and potentially further​​.

Audience Reaction

News of Stewart's return was met with widespread cheer and excitement on social media platforms​​.

Legacy and Influence

During his previous 16-year tenure as host, Stewart transformed "The Daily Show" into a pivotal late-night show, influencing contemporary satirical news coverage​​.

Recent Work

Prior to this return, Stewart hosted "The Problem with Jon Stewart" on Apple TV+, which aired for two seasons before being canceled in 2023 due to creative differences​​.

Filling the Gap

Stewart's return temporarily fills the hosting void left by Trevor Noah, who stepped down in December 2022​​.

Series of Guest Hosts

Before Stewart's return, "The Daily Show" had a series of guest hosts throughout 2023, including notable celebrities like Leslie Jones and Hasan Minhaj​​.

Fan Petitions and Speculation

Prior to the official announcement, there was strong fan speculation and petitions for Stewart's return to "The Daily Show" following Trevor Noah's departure​​.