Justice in the Balance: Unveiling the Post Office Drama

Premise and Background

The TV show is a dramatization of the British Post Office scandal, where hundreds of sub-postmasters were wrongly prosecuted due to faults in the Horizon computer system.

Main Character

Alan Bates, a postmaster from Llandudno, Wales, is a central figure in the story and the series depicts his role in unveiling the scandal.

Broadcast Details

The series aired on ITV from January 1 to January 4, 2024, and was also available in full on ITVX from the start date.

Production Team

Directed by James Strong and written by Gwyneth Hughes, the series was produced by Chris Clough for Little Gem and ITV Studios.

Filming Locations

Production took place in 2023, with filming locations including Llandudno, Conwy, and Tatsfield, Surrey.


The series received positive reviews, with four out of five ratings from The Times, The Daily Telegraph, and The Guardian. It was praised for humanizing the Kafkaesque situation faced by the victims.

Impact on Public Perception

The show renewed public interest in the scandal, leading to a petition for the former Post Office CEO Paula Vennells to have her CBE withdrawn, which gathered over 1.2 million signatures.

Response from Paula Vennells

Following the show's impact, Paula Vennells issued a statement on January 9, 2024, stating she would return her CBE, although the formal revocation of honors can only be done by the monarch.

Government Response

The drama's impact was significant enough that it led to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announcing new legislation to exonerate wrongly convicted Post Office branch managers.

Real-life Victims' Involvement

Real-life victims, including Noel Thomas who was wrongfully convicted, were portrayed in the series. Their stories contributed to the authenticity and emotional impact of the dramatization.