List of Must-Have Tools for Serious Paper Crafters

Heavy-Duty Scissors

Ideal for cutting through thick materials like foam and cork, these scissors adjust easily for diverse crafting needs​​.

Detail Scissors

Designed for intricate shapes and fine details, perfect for complex designs​​.

Craft Knives

Essential for precision cutting of shapes and designs, with various blade types like fine-point and scalpel blades​​.

Non-Stick Craft Mats

Keep your work surface clean and protect it from adhesives and other crafting residues​​.

Advanced Tape Glider (ATG)

An effective tool for neatly joining paper pieces using adhesive tape​​.

Rulers (Metal and See-Through)

Crucial for drawing straight lines, cutting shapes, and measuring​​.

Circle Cutter and Cutting Mat

Perfect for cutting circles of various sizes, with a self-healing mat to protect your work surface​​.

Washi Tape, Ribbons, and Twine

Great for decorative purposes and adding color and texture to your crafts​​.

Craft Storage Solutions

Organize and categorize your crafting tools and materials for efficiency and easy access​​.

Embossing Heat Tools

Add texture and dimension to your crafts by melting embossing powder for a raised, glossy finish​