Must-See YouTube Series That Captivated Audiences

Happy Tree Friends

An offbeat animated series known for its dark humor and unexpected twists, featuring cute animals meeting gruesome fates.

The Americans

A thrilling series about Cold War espionage, blending historical accuracy and emotional depth.

Death Battle!

Pits iconic characters against each other in combat, combining detailed research and vivid animation.


Offers an entertaining look at car culture, combining humor and technical expertise.


Features reviews and rants on video games and pop culture, known for its host's sarcasm and wit.

Project X

Follows up-and-coming eSports players, providing an in-depth look at the world of competitive gaming.

X-Ray and Vav

An animated superhero series known for its humor, unique animation, and pop culture references.

Nomad of Nowhere

An engaging animated adventure series with a magical wanderer as its protagonist.

Jake and Amir

A comedy web series featuring the awkward, hilarious antics of its main characters.

Champaign ILL

A comedy series focusing on two members of a rap entourage forced to return to their hometown​