NEET-PG's Zero Percentile Rule: A Medical Game-Changer or a Risky Bet?

Explore the impact of NEET-PG's new zero percentile rule on medical admissions, vacant seats, and the healthcare system.

Zero Percentile Announcement

The Medical Counseling Committee (MCC) has set "zero percentile" as the new eligibility for vacant PG medical seats.

Unprecedented Move

This is the first time the eligibility cut-off has been completely removed since NEET-PG started in 2017.

Ministry's Decision

The Ministry of Health aims to fill over 13,000 vacant PG seats across India with this new rule.

IMA's Request

The Indian Medical Association had urged the ministry to lower the cut-offs to fill these vacant seats.

Eligibility Impact

Now, anyone who took the NEET-PG exam is eligible for PG courses, even those with negative scores.

Seat Availability

Despite the new rule, it's unlikely that candidates with the lowest scores will actually secure a seat.

Past Vacancies

Data shows that many PG seats remained vacant in previous years, making this a recurring issue.

Current Vacancies

At least 13,245 PG seats are still vacant after the first two rounds of counseling this year.

Public Criticism

The zero percentile rule has been criticized for potentially degrading the healthcare system.

Financial Concerns

The new rule could increase seat trading in private medical institutes, raising ethical and financial concerns.