Nicolas Cage's Most Unpredictable Movie Choices

Con Air

Cage plays Cameron Poe, an ex-con stuck on a plane with the world's most dangerous criminals. His performance combines sincerity and self-awareness, grounding the film's over-the-top action sequences with heart and principle​​.


In this film, Cage portrays a somber, introverted chef-turned-hermit-truffle-hunter named Robin Feld. The movie, which initially sounds absurd, turns into a sensuous and authentic fable, showcasing Cage's ability to deliver a nuanced performance​​.

Red Rock West

This neo-Western features Cage as Michael Williams, a drifter who impulsively takes on a false identity when mistaken for a hitman. The film is recognized for its intrigue and thoughtful grace notes, with Cage playing a remarkably understated role​​​​.


Cage takes on dual roles, playing twin brothers with contrasting personalities. This performance highlights his versatility, seamlessly portraying both the neurotic and carefree aspects of the characters​​​​.


In this action film, Cage plays Castor Troy, a character with two distinct phases: a high-spirited criminal and, following a face swap, a haunted and sensitive FBI agent. His performance is praised for its depth and versatility​​.

Raising Arizona

A film that blends comedy and drama, Cage portrays a character whose journey and development unfold uniquely throughout the movie. His performance is noted for its alignment with the film's offbeat tone​​.

Leaving Las Vegas

Cage stars as a self-destructive alcoholic in this drama, delivering a performance that is both raw and deeply emotional. The film showcases his ability to handle more serious and complex roles​​.

The Rock

In this action thriller, Cage plays an FBI chemist thrust into a high-stakes situation. His character's arc from a timid scientist to a decisive hero is notable for its believability and depth​​.


Cage's role in this psychedelic horror film is intense and over-the-top, fitting the movie's surreal and violent aesthetic. His performance is often cited as a perfect match for the film's unique style​​.

National Treasure

In this adventure film, Cage plays a historian and treasure hunter. His portrayal of a character obsessed with historical mysteries and conspiracies adds a mix of humor and intensity to the film​​.