Ozzy Osbourne's Epic Farewell Tour: The Final Curtain Call

Farewell Tour Announcement

Ozzy Osbourne announces his final tour, marking the end of his legendary career

Health Challenges

The singer's battle with health issues influences the decision to retire from touring.

Iconic Career Highlights

A look back at some of Ozzy's most memorable moments on stage over the years

Emotional Farewell

Fans express their mixed emotions as they prepare to say goodbye to the Prince of Darkness.

Tour Locations

A breakdown of the cities and venues where Ozzy's final concerts will take place.

Setlist Speculations

Speculations on what songs might make it into the setlist for these historic shows

Special Guests

Rumors and confirmed appearances of guest artists joining Ozzy on stage for the farewell tour.

Ticket Demand

The overwhelming demand for tickets and the challenges of securing a spot at these final concerts.

Production and Stage Design

Insights into the grandiose production and stage design expected for Ozzy's farewell performances.

Legacy and Impact

Reflecting on Ozzy Osbourne's enduring legacy and the impact he has had on the world of rock and metal music.