Revolutionizing Presentations: Exploring Keynote's Advanced Features on Apple Vision Pro

visionOS Interface

Keynote on Apple Vision Pro features a new user interface based on visionOS, which is similar to iPadOS, providing a familiar yet immersive experience​​.

Translucency and Depth

The Keynote app on Vision Pro is designed to be translucent, offering a sense of depth and an immersive experience for the user​​.

Slide and Toolbar Layout

It displays slides on a sidebar and has a bottom toolbar for editing, with additional buttons at the top for sharing and presentation settings​​.

Presentation Focus

When starting a presentation, Keynote dims the environment, focusing the user on the content with a floating control panel for slide previews​​.

AirPlay Mirroring

Keynote on Vision Pro allows users to mirror presentations over AirPlay, providing a seamless connection for public speaking or meetings​​.

Lightweight Design

Apple Vision Pro is notably lightweight, weighing less than half a pound, ensuring comfort and ease of movement during extended use​​.

Privacy Focus

A key feature highlighted in the Keynote presentation is the focus on user privacy, incorporating measures to protect users in virtual environments​​.

EyeSight Technology

Vision Pro includes the EyeSight feature, which shows your eyes to others in the room, enhancing interaction and awareness in both AR and VR apps​​.

M2 Chip Performance

Powered by the Apple Silicon M2 chip, Vision Pro offers unparalleled performance, maintaining a comfortable temperature and running quietly​​.

visionOS with Hand & Eye Control

Vision Pro operates on visionOS, allowing control through hand gestures and eye movements, with apps becoming spatially interactive in the environment​​.