Rhea Ripley's Fitness: 8 Key Workout & Diet Insights

Intense Arm Workouts

Rhea Ripley's arm workouts involve pyramid-style training with various exercises like biceps curls and triceps pushdowns

Regular Training Regimen

She follows a strict six-day per week training schedule, incorporating both cardio and extensive weight liftin

Strict Diet Plan

Ripley adheres to a detailed diet plan, consuming meals every 2-3 hours based on her caloric needs

Professional Meal Prep

She utilizes meal prep services to ensure her diet is precisely tailored for her training requirements​

Cheat Meal Preference

Her favorite cheat meal is pizza, especially cheese, Provolone, Mozzarella, and Hawaiian varieties​

Early Start in Fitness

Ripley has been committed to gym training since the age of 17, significantly shaping her fitness regime

Focus on Heavy Lifting

Before major events like WrestleMania, she emphasizes lifting heavy weights to maintain her strength and dominanc

Adaptive Diet During WrestleMania

During WrestleMania week, her diet shifts to more opportunistic eating due to her hectic schedule