Shocking High-Paying Jobs that Don't Need a College Degree!

Commercial Pilot:

They navigate airplanes, primarily for companies. A high school diploma, training, and a license are needed.

Web Developer:

These professionals design and build websites. Many are self-taught or have attended coding bootcamps.

Real Estate Broker:

This role involves selling property. A high school diploma and real estate license are required.

Power Plant Operators:

These workers control power-generating equipment. A high school diploma and on-the-job training are needed.

Elevator Installer/Repairer:

These tradespeople install, fix, and maintain elevators. Vocational training or apprenticeship is required.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer:

They operate imaging technology in hospitals. Typically, a post-secondary certificate is needed.

Air Traffic Controller:

This role manages aircraft movement. They require specialized training but not necessarily a college degree.

Police Officer:

This role requires a high school diploma and police academy training. They ensure public safety and law enforcement.

Nuclear Technician:

They assist in nuclear research and energy production. An associate degree or specialized training is required.


They install and repair plumbing systems. Usually, an apprenticeship or vocational training is required.