Spotlight on Cinema: 10 Captivating Insights into the 2024 BAFTA Film Awards

Date and Venue

The 77th BAFTA Film Awards are scheduled for February 18, 2024, at the Royal Festival Hall in London​​.


David Tennant, acclaimed for roles in "Doctor Who," "Broadchurch," and more, will host the ceremony​​.


Films like "Oppenheimer" and "Poor Things" lead the nominations, showcasing a diverse range of genres and stories​​.

Global Broadcast

The ceremony will be broadcast on BBC One, iPlayer in the UK, and on various platforms internationally including BritBox and BBC Australia​​.

Voting Process

The winners are decided through a three-round voting process by BAFTA’s global membership of over 7,800 film industry professionals​​.

Rising Star Award

Nominees for the EE Rising Star Award include Phoebe Dynevor and Jacob Elordi, with the winner chosen by public vote​​.

Diversity in Nominations

The awards feature an extensive range of films, celebrating talent from independent British debuts to global blockbusters​​.

BAFTA Breakthrough Talent

Three directors from the BAFTA Breakthrough cohort were nominated for awards, showcasing new talent in the industry​​.

Film Categories

Categories include Best Film, Best Animated Film, Best Documentary, and Best Film Not in the English Language, among others​​.

Red Carpet Access

Fans can participate in a ballot to gain access to the red carpet viewing area, experiencing the glamour of the awards ceremony up close​​.