Striking Gold with Mistakes: 10 Astounding Error Coins Worth a Fortune

1999 Wide AM Penny

This error features a wider-than-normal gap between the "A" and "M" in "AMERICA" on the reverse, valued at $150+​​.

1937-D 3-Legged Buffalo Nickel

Due to a mint employee's attempt to smooth scuffs on the die, one of the buffalo's legs was inadvertently removed, creating this famous error coin worth upwards of $500 for even "junky" examples​​.

1942/1 Mercury Dimes

This overdate error, with the "1" visible behind the "2" in the date, is found on dimes from both the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, starting at about $400 in the lowest grades​​.

1975 No S Proof Roosevelt Dime

A proof coin missing the S mintmark from the San Francisco Mint, with only two known examples, can command prices around $450,000​​.

1982 No P Roosevelt Dime

The omission of the "P" mintmark on dimes from the Philadelphia Mint in 1982 makes this coin, with several thousand examples known, worth around $175 in mint state​​.

2004-D Extra Leaf Wisconsin State Quarters

Known for the Extra High Leaf and Extra Low Leaf errors due to a die flaw, these coins initially fetched as much as $500 each but now sell for between $50 and $100​​.

1922 No D Lincoln Wheat Cent

Some of these cents lacked a D mintmark due to grease accumulation on the obverse die, making them worth over $500 each​​.

1943 Copper Lincoln Cent

A small number of 1943 pennies were struck on bronze planchets instead of the intended steel, with examples easily surpassing $100,000 in value​​.

1944 Steel Lincoln Cent

This error occurred when Lincoln cents were mistakenly struck on leftover zinc-coated steel planchets from the previous year, with well-worn examples fetching $75,000 or more​​.

1955 Doubled Die Obverse Lincoln Cent

This coin shows bold doubling of the date and lettering on the obverse, with even low-grade examples selling for over $1,000 due to its dramatic appearance​​.