The Ad Astra Fund: How Savart is Revolutionizing Investment with AI


Savart launched "The Ad Astra Fund" in Hyderabad, receiving INR 31 crores in investment commitments on the launch day.


The fund aims to achieve an AUM of INR 350 crores by the end of FY24.


The fund features end-to-end research automation, driven by the AI research system APART.

APART System

APART comprises three engines: Quant, Iris, and Synapse, each responsible for different aspects of investment analysis.

Quant Engine

Analyzes all quantitative and mathematical aspects of securities, including over 2000 parameters.

Iris Engine

Interprets qualitative and abstract information from various sources, including annual reports and social media.

Synapse Engine

Transmits information between Quant and Iris and makes portfolio construction decisions.

APART's Advantages

APART covers thorough analysis at a scale and speed beyond human capacity, adapts quickly to market conditions, and makes swift investment decisions.

Investment Philosophy

The Ad Astra Fund is a long-term investment vehicle, designed to maintain a concentrated portfolio primarily of stocks, and is sector and market capitalization agnostic.

Savart's Ambition

Savart aims to become a global tech-driven asset management company, offering a range of investment advisory services. The launch of the Ad Astra Fund marks its entry into the portfolio management services industry.