Thundering Through Time: 10 Iconic Bruce Springsteen Performances That Made History

MTV Plugged (1992)

Springsteen defied expectations by plugging in after one acoustic song, delivering a powerful performance with the “Other” band​​.

Live in New York City, Madison Square Garden (2000)

A rapturous reunion with the E Street Band, capturing every era of Springsteen's career​​.

Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ (2009)

Springsteen bid farewell to Giants Stadium with a full-album playthrough of "Born in the U.S.A." and crowd-surfing during “Hungry Heart”​​.

Armillo World Headquarters in Austin, Texas (1974)

A pivotal early show where Springsteen turned skeptics into believers, significantly expanding his fanbase​​.

Harvard Square Theatre, Cambridge, Mass. (May 9, 1974)

The performance that led Jon Landau to declare Springsteen "rock and roll future," marking a turning point in his career​​.

The Bottom Line, New York City (Aug. 13-17, 1975)

A series of shows that helped build the buzz leading to Springsteen's breakout, thanks to the anticipation around "Born to Run"​​.

The Roxy, Los Angeles (July 7, 1978)

A historic night celebrated for its intensity and a live radio broadcast that reached beyond those in attendance​​.

Born in the USA Tour, St. Paul, Minnesota (June 29, 1984)

The kickoff to a massive tour that saw Springsteen's popularity explode, featuring an iconic dance with Courteney Cox​​.

Wembley Stadium, London (July 4, 1985)

An Independence Day show in the UK that proved Springsteen could captivate stadium-sized audiences without losing intimacy​​.

East Berlin (July 19, 1988)

A concert before 300,000 East Germans that played a role in the political changes leading to the fall of the Berlin Wall​​.