Top 10 Affordable American Cities for Startups in 2023

Tampa, Florida

Offers significant support for tech startups with programs like Tampa Bay Wave and presence of venture capital firms like Ballast Point Ventures

Salt Lake City, Utah

A Western tech hub with low office rents and a talent pool from Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University.

Louisville, Kentucky

Gaining traction as a startup hub, especially in aging-related businesses, with support from local government and entrepreneurs.

Syracuse, New York

Offers affordable startup costs with entrepreneurial programs and lower office rents compared to NYC.

Portland, Oregon

Known for its hipster culture, it provides startups with low operational costs and vibrant investment opportunities.

Dallas, Texas

Features a favorable tax environment and limited regulations, making it an affordable choice for entrepreneurs.

Tucson, Arizona

Attracts startups, especially in aerospace and optics, supported by incubators like Go For Vertical and The Founder Institute.

Riverside, California

Surpasses Silicon Valley in startup density, offering innovative programs like the ExCite accelerator-incubator.

San Francisco, California

Remains a top choice for startups due to its venture capital, tech talent, and pioneering startup culture.

New York City, New York

Offers diverse opportunities across various industries, supported by a rich infrastructure of VC firms and coworking spaces.