Top 10 American Music Artists Who Shaped a Genre


Revolutionized pop with her music videos on MTV and reinvented her image with hits like “Ray of Light” and “Hung Up”​

Taylor Swift

Successfully crossed over from country to pop, creating a unique subculture among her fans and impacting the music industry

Michael Jackson

Known for the best-selling album "Thriller" and iconic dance moves, he left an enduring legacy in pop music​

Carole King

Her album "Tapestry" and numerous hits written for other artists significantly influenced the pop and singer-songwriter genres

Elvis Presley

A pioneer in integrating guitar-driven R&B into pop music, he was a significant figure in popularizing rock ‘n’ roll

The Beatles

Set a template for pop bands with their unique style and deep influence on music and culture, defining the 1960s

Little Richard

Influenced countless artists across genres with his dynamic performance style and groundbreaking rock ‘n’ roll music​

Chuck Berry

His style and hits like “Johnny B. Goode” were pivotal in shaping the rock genre and its evolution from gospel influences

Big Mama Thornton

The original artist of “Hound Dog,” she was a crucial figure in the early development of rock and blues music


Led by Ann and Nancy Wilson, Heart carved a path for women in rock and influenced a generation of artists with their powerful music​