Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the United State


With an average salary of $421,330, cardiologists specialize in treating cardiovascular issues and are in high demand due to a growing need for cardiovascular services​​.

Surgeons (Except Oral and Maxillofacial)

Earning an average of $347,870, surgeons perform operations in various specialties like orthopedics, pediatrics, and neurosurgery​​.


Radiologists, who earn an average salary of $329,080, use medical imaging technology for diagnosing and treating diseases and injuries​


Dermatologists, with an average salary of $327,650, diagnose and treat skin, nail, and hair problems, including conditions like psoriasis and skin cancer​

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

They specialize in surgeries related to the mouth, jaw, and face, earning an average salary of $309,410​​​​.


Earning around $302,970 on average, anesthesiologists manage patient pain and consciousness during surgeries​​​​.

Obstetricians and Gynecologists

With an average salary of $277,320, OB/GYNs specialize in women’s health, pregnancy, and childbirth​​​​.

Ophthalmologists (Except Pediatric)

Earning an average of $265,450, ophthalmologists treat eye and vision problems, including surgical procedures like cataract removal​​.


Psychiatrists, who focus on mental health and disorders, earn an average salary of $247,350​​​​.

Chief Executives

Although their average salary is $246,440, many CEOs accrue wealth through stock options and investments, rather than just salaries​