Top 10 Innovative Fintech Startups in the U.S. to Watch in 2023


Specializing in crypto, CoinList is a platform for new crypto projects to launch and connect with token holders. It offers a comprehensive suite of crypto investment products, including token sales, trading, lending, and staking


This fintech app integrates with point-of-sale (POS) software, allowing restaurants to accept modern payment methods. It uses QR codes to enable guests to order from their tables or while in line using their smartphones


Focused on earned wage access (EWA), Rain provides employees with instant access to their earned wages before payday. This Nashville-based startup includes safeguards like withdrawal limits before payday

Opto Investments

This startup is changing the investment landscape by offering a range of tech-driven private investments to the broader wealth management community, aiming to improve outcomes for advisors and their clients

Arc Technologies

Based in San Francisco, Arc Technologies offers financial tools to help software companies manage their finances, including non-dilutive funding options and cash management​


An edtech company from New York, Edly provides income-based repayment financing solutions for students, offering an alternative system for paying college tuition without the need for a cosigner


This mobility management platform is used by city governments and parking operators for mobile payments, digital permitting, and parking enforcement. Passport has gained recognition from over 800 clients


Designed for ecommerce, SellersFunding offers a financial platform with integrated dashboard for funding, payments, and business analytics, serving marketplace sellers and direct-to-consumer brands

Steady Technologies

Providing financial solutions to residential property managers, Steady Technologies offers features like Rent Advance and rent default insurance to optimize landlords' bottom lines​


This startup focuses on equity planning, stock option financing, and wealth management for startup employees, helping them manage complex financial products like equity or stock options