Top 10 Most Valuable Wheat Pennies for Collectors

1944-D Steel Cent

A rare error coin created when steel planchets were accidentally used, with only about seven known examples. One sold for $115,000.

1931-S Wheat Pennies

With a low mintage of 866,000, these coins are scarce, especially in high grades. A red MS66 example sold for $18,600.

1921 Lincoln Cent

Common in circulation but rare in high grades. A coin graded MS68 fetched $55,200.

1914-D Wheat Penny

With a mintage of 1.2 million, it's one of the scarcest wheat pennies. Prone to counterfeiting due to its rarity.

1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent

A collector's favorite due to its interesting history and low mintage of 484,000. Red examples can reach up to $168,000.

1943-D Bronze Cent

An error coin from the transition from copper to steel, rare and prone to counterfeiting. A MS64 grade sold for $840,000.

1917 Doubled Die Wheat Penny

Popular for its clear doubling and scarcity, especially in higher grades. A red MS67 example auctioned for $120,000.

1909-S Wheat Penny

Low mintage of 1.8 million, valuable even in circulated grades. Red examples have sold for as much as $69,000.

1922-No D Strong Reverse

Unique as the only Lincoln cent missing a mint mark. Extremely rare in any grade, with strong visibility of certain features.

1915-S Lincoln Cent

Recently gained attention, now one of the most difficult to obtain in mint state. A MS66 grade sold for $48,300.